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mrs fox's craft boxes for kids - pegs

Mrs Fox's Party Boxes are on their way to all those lucky little crafty foxes out there.  We are already working on next months, the theme is growing things, the late spring has inspired us.  This month we put together some wonderful ideas for crafts with pegs, both old style and modern pegs.  We can't wait to see the results of this months creations, so, please, please, when you have created your peg people and animals we'd love you to send us a picture.

Making the traditional peg dolls made me think of the really simple ideas that my granny used to keep me occupied at her house when I was a little girl.  One of my favourites were paper dolls.  

Crafting with Children - Paper dolls

I thought that everyone would know how to make these, but a friend said that she had never made them as a child.  My little foxes and I have now developed a bit of a hair-style fascination when we create ours.  Here's how we make our paper dolls:

You will need:
pencils or pens

Take a rectangular strip of paper and fold it accordian style.  Draw your doll figure onto the top flap and remember the hands and feet should finish right on the edges of the paper.  Cut out the figure.  You can then decorate them, colouring or painting each doll.   We like to cut out the hair styles in a different colour paper and stick them onto the dolls.

mrs fox's crafty boxes - paper dolls

crafting with children - mrs fox's crafty boxes

This is a really simple craft, one that can be done on the fly using newspaper if you are caught out for something to do.  The set that Una just made were used as a "Thank you" card for a friend of ours who bought her a very generous easter gift.

So, it just remains to say thanks for the waggletags Louise, xxx.

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  1. Thanks for showing this love the hair... I think that's how I will do it with my Year 1 class in NZ.


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