The Next Crafty Box

Crafting with children

We will be sending our next Mrs Fox's Crafty Box out shortly.

Mrs Fox's Crafty Boxes is a children's craft box scheme; just like those veggie box schemes but with crafts not veggies.

Pegs are the theme this month.
I know, what crafty things can you do with a peg?  Well, you'd be amazed - we have pirates, horses, Pipi Longstocking, fish, helicopters... the list goes on.  Look at them all lined up and ready to go.  All in one crafty box of fun!

peg dolls mrs fox's craft boxes for kids

The great thing with our Crafty Boxes is that we don't just send you one or two crafts that your child makes and then you discreetly throw away a few days later.  Our Crafty Box is packed full of creative activities for you to do with items around your home, inspiration for other projects and ideas you can return to again, and again.

This month we have added a little gift of a roll of washi tape, our latest crafty obsession.  Washi tape is a patterned adhesive paper tape, it's a Japanese thing.  You can see rolls of it in the picture at the top.  I first started to use washi tape to stick the children's art work to the walls.  It peels off easily without marking the paintwork and it looks good.  It's also a great way to make a birthday pressie look a little special.  We use it loads in our crafting.   I even used it the other day as a plaster on a poorly finger.

After much user testing, our ingenious boxes of fun will soon be leaving the comfort of Mrs Fox's studio to make their way in the big wide world.  If you are interested in subscribing, Mrs Fox's Crafty Boxes are available for a 3 month minimum subscription, each month works out at a cost of £10.50 plus P&P (£4.95).

We have had a few requests for our last box without a subscription, so, ever responsive to our customers wishes we've created a few extras of this one.  We will be selling them on the website for £13 plus P&P.  There really are only a few of them though, so, if you're interested you'll have to snap them up asap, when they're gone, they're gone I'm afraid.

The environment is very important to Mrs Fox, after all we have lots of little foxes who will be inheriting this world of ours.  So, inside Mrs Fox's Crafty Boxes are not the usual plastics but natural materials, recyclable, upcyclable, you can find a use for it all, the packaging can be used in the crafts and where we can we even mail the boxes out to you in used parcel boxes and envelopes.  We are not just being 'tight' we want to reuse and recycle everything we can.

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