At the beginning of a new year

Mrs Fox's Party Hats

Here at Mrs Fox's HQ (with clean ovens!), we've been looking back on 2012 and thinking about what we did right and what we could do better.  And we have big new crafty plans for 2013?!  January is that kind of reflective time of the year isn't it?

I was looking back at our very first blog post.  I remember writing it bubbling with ideas and good intentions.  With two small children (And Jackie has three!) there is just never quite the time to do it all.   But through 2012 our fledgling business has become more defined and with loads of hard work we've managed to build a website and have really rediscovered the joy of making things.

Mrs Fox's Classic Party Bag

There's loads still to do on our website; we need to update the information about Mrs Fox's parties, Party Bags and our Party Boxes; which are a great way to save you time and stress on your children's birthday parties.  Take a look.  Everything you need to create a themed children's party, with a crafty nostalgic twist can be delivered straight to your door by Mrs Fox's.  There'll be plenty more blog posts on party ideas and FREE downloads to help you throw great parties for your little uns.

Christmas this year we sold lots of our handmade gifts through  I can't recommend Folksy enough as a place to find brilliant, original, hand-made in the UK items for you, your children and your home.

Mrs Fox's Handmade

We have gone through some of our craft ideas and prototypes from last year and have just added them to our Folksy store.  Pictured above are our lavender ladies to help your little-uns sleep, a pocket sized hand embroidered mermaidlittle foxes that we have turned into craft kits, a sleeping princess in a bag that we developed for our Princess and the Pea Party, and craft kits for children.  We are still developing most of these ideas and later in the year we'll be adding even more party-wares, craft kits and gifts to Mrs Fox's Handmade.  So the items in the store at the moment really are one (or two, or three) -offs!  No more once they've gone.

We also have loads of new crafts projects you can do with your children to keep them busy and happy and have finally found a little more time to dedicate to Mrs Fox's Crafty Boxes.  We've been bubbling away at these since Mrs Fox's was conceived and are finally preparing to try out our ideas with you.  We will be revealing more over the next couple of weeks.

Last but by no means least, we have a relatively new relationship guest blogging on our crafts for the marvellous Baba Blog.

the baba blog
baba blog - leonora bamford

The Baba Blog was founded by Leonora Bamford to provide mothers and mothers to be with free expert advice from the UK’s top experts. The Baba Blog also has a host of wonderful guest bloggers who share tips and information on everything from fun family recipes, days out, and craft ideas to new products and experiences.

There is so much to look forward to in 2013.

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