Snowday - Yay!

No School today.  Our garden is a bit of a building site at the moment, but, we still had to go outside all this weekend and enjoy the snow.

On Friday the school let the little foxes out early and as soon as we got home we were donning waterproof trousers, ski gloves and welllies over three pairs of socks, along with the usual outdoor gear.  Cold and soaked through the little foxes tripped back in 45 minutes later to strip to their thermals and sit and sip hot chocolate in front of the TV.  

And so it has gone every three or four hours throughout the daylight of this weekend.  We have our woodburners on (the dogs enjoyed that), because the radiators are hardly giving out any heat, covered as they are with steaming outdoor gear drying as quickly as it can before being called back into action.   

Una has been inspired by the Channel 4 animation, The Snowman and The Snowdog, so along with her traditional snowman we also have a beautiful snowdog complete with odd socks for ears and tail.  Louis, ever the rebel, did not want to make a snowman, he wanted to make a lighthouse.  It's hard to see, but that is what he made.

Meanwhile the dogs had their own agenda; I didn't realise they were so into carrots!

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