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I'm going to use Nina Fox's Tuesday blog to make a leap.  The bear in the Ladybird book is clearly good company for humans and safe to be around - and fittingly, so was the polar bear that my foxy family built this weekend.
We started off with a snowman outside the house, a snowman of which we were very proud.  Definitely our best yet and with proper arms, no less.

The next day, we set off for the park with no real plan other than to get the wee foxes out to expend some energy.

But Daddy Fox had his own energy to spend and when we got to the park, he started off rolling snow in his normal fashion and then, for reasons known only to himself, didn't make a ball for the bones of a snowman but started off into the park rolling his snow into a rather large wheel...?
As I watched and laughed at the building of his bizarre sculpture, the oldest 2 wee foxes had shot off making their own 'boulders'...

Sadly, Daddy's 'wheel' collapsed under it's own weight but determined to make something to be proud of, he reconstructed it into a comfy chair...
We decided that whoever came to sit in the chair should have someone to talk to and so I set about making a smaller boulder.  With great strain and difficulty, we stacked the 2 larger boulders up, then I popped my smaller, much lighter large ball on top.  Pretty quickly, we had fashioned our unfeasibly large snowballs into a new friend, Mr Polar the Bear.
I'm not a fan of snow and cold weather but this year has been our most fun snowy year yet.
If you too had lots of fun building in the snow, please comment on this post and add a link to your pictures.  We'd love to see them.

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