Yesterday we made “THE WHOLE WORLD!”

It started around 2ish yesterday afternoon.  Little Louis Fox was slowly piling up what looked to be all his toys in the centre of our back room.  There was soon very little room to walk through said room, and the dogs had taken to their beds and were reviewing the situation with a resigned gaze.  

He emptied the entire contents of the box that contains his Brio wooden train set onto the floor.  Yes, it was blooming noisy!  The dogs gaze turned from resigned to scared and I thought it might be time to intervene.  First I suggested that if he was now playing with his train set maybe he could clear away the cars, and wooden tool kits (plural!) He said; "No" he NEEDED them all.   When I asked him what he was doing he answered; as he tipped the contents of the box containing the wooden farm set (more noise - terror in the dog's eyes) onto the floor; “I  am building the whole world”

I thought this was quite an interesting concept and, as I had a cup of tea in my hand, and it was hot (I so seldom get to drink my afternoon cuppa hot these days) I thought maybe I could join in with the build, one handed, and get to finish a cup of tea.  How cool would that be for a Friday afternoon?

Well, I may have sort of shot myself in the foot a bit.  But the caffeine was obviously lulling me into a euphoric state that failed to see through to the clear up job that would have to take place this evening.  And as a result we had a really fun afternoon and I learnt a lot!

I learnt that Sophie the giraffe CANNOT be in a zoo on her own, she NEEDS friends and thus must join the farm.

I learnt that there are “goody” cars and “baddy” cars and they must not mix, and there is a favourite car and it needs to be washed ALOT

I learnt that the tool boxes are not really tool boxes, they are mostly boats and that cars like to travel in boats ALOT

I learnt that while I love that Brio helicopter it is actually the devil;  “We DON’T NEED the helicopter mummy!”

I learnt that once his older sister comes home my son is quite happy to be project manager/ town planner and direct her, sternly, in her role as farm worker/ railway navvy /road layer and house builder.  When I question this sudden change in his role my, a little too savvy, son said it was because I had done such a “great job” earlier.

The dogs learnt that once the world is being built in the same room as your dog beds you’d best stay in your beds.  Because if you try to get out you will knock over part of the world and you will be shouted at by an irate 3 year old.

For this activity you will need:
one of those road system on one side, race track on the other playmats
Brio train set, of any size
at least 20 or so toy cars, but this number can be infinite
Playmobile farm set
wooden farm set 
additional plastic farm animals
Pintoy wooden tractor
Pintoy cowboy & breeding herd of buffalo (diversity!)
ELC wooden garage
Playmobile garage
older sisters  dolls house and her polly pockets and pocket puppy sets
assorted red London buses
Sophie the giraffe
a few small dinosaurs
drum - no idea why we needed this
set of bricks (Oh thank goodness I stopped myself from reminding him about the additional wooden building brick sets he has & restrained myself from mentioning his & his sisters lego collection - the whole thing could’ve got positively medieval if I had)
Absolutely any other toy that a 3 year old can  move

I also found a dustpan and brush quite useful as I had to move the furniture round quite a bit to fit the WORLD into our back room and the dust bunnies had obviously been breeding under there.

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  1. How fantastic! And it looks like he made a great job of it too. Love your list too. Smallest breakfastboy has just dragged the giant brio tub past me en route to the sitting room, where there is already a huge lego tub and an enormous garage. I think he may have similar plans for the morning...better put the kettle on.


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